The initial idea was to print the physical copy of my eBook but as I sold copies of my ebook I realized that in markets, it is important that you not only study the theory from the book but apply the same in live scenarios with trading terminal in front. So instead of moving to physical copy of my eBook, I started a members area where each and every member can interact with me as well as hundreds of other traders and share their understanding of the stock and learn more from it.

The member area access is provided as lifetime free access along with the eBook but with physical book, this becomes almost impossible. So the initial idea of physical copy of the eBook is out of the way but you can always print the eBook if you want and keep for yourself.

My ebook is all about practical guide to technical analysis and not a complete guide to technical analysis and so I only cover few patterns that I apply to trading and make huge profits out of them.

To the answer the question I have covered the following.

  • Fibonacci
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Spike and breakout pattern
  • Morning panic and Afternoon fade pattern
  • Higher Top Higher Bottom Chart pattern
  • Lower Top Lower Bottom Chart pattern
  • Volume patterns
  • Cup and handle Pattern or U pattern
  • Double bottom or W-bottom Pattern
  • Application of Multiple Chart patterns
  • Insider Trading Tips that Always works for me

No. I don’t provide any stock tips whatsoever. The idea of DIY approach is to make you as a reader self reliant for market and not rely on those free stock tips provider who would make you a millionaire for 500 Rs per month. It never works that way.

This eBook is different than any other other book in the market because

  • Written by an Indian retail trader and investor for fellow retail traders and investors.  Many books focuses too much from a point of view of large investors.
  • Practical approach to understanding technical analysis. Many technical analysis book’s focuses on teaching every pattern available but my book focuses on patterns that work for me when trading.
  • Very simple and easy to understand language. Big technical analysis term’s (or jargon’s) are avoided and have tried to explain everything in very simple and easy to understand language.

You can always email me your question and I tend to answer most questions very fast in normal working hours.