I believe …

If you have to make money from the market, you have to understand the market and cannot just rely on someone else to help you buy the stock at the right time and at the right price. You have to get that done yourself and it is neither the stock broker nor the stock tips providers (or stock tippers as it is pronounced) that will help you make money from the market. I believe in the concept and so do my hundreds of other students and readers. So if you also believe in what I believe it makes sense to be reading further.

What Next?

The next step to Do It Yourself is to get a mentor who not only helps you understand the market but also can be with you as and when you require and not when he is available. I am always available in DIYTechnicalAnalysis members forum area to answer any question that any of my readers have related to stock, chart pattern, fundamental analysis, investment analysis or even choice of brokers.

With Shabbir’s guidance and my hard work, now I am able to make big profits in market.

– Suresh Sinha

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How DIYTechnicalAnalysis Started?

Like any other investor I also started to look into equity market as money making opportunity when the market was booming in 2007. I did my first trade on 22nd June 2007 and purchased MAN INDUSTRIES (INDIA) LIMITED and in a day or two I was richer by Rs 300 on an investment of 50,000 INR. I started multiplying numbers. Daily 300 Rs would mean I can easily make more than my Job. Hurray !!! I was on top of the world

Soon reality kicked in and I realized that it is not as easy as it looks from outside. You need to understand lot of things before making a move. I had a taste of some huge huge gains but I also realized that those were one of gains and I am not able to repeat them. I tried repeating them but lost not only my gains but even a lot of my capital.

As the famous quotes say “You Learn More From Your Losses Than Your Wins” and the same applied to me. I was certain that there’s lot of money to be made from the stock market if I am willing to learn the right way. Today I can say I have learnt few ways (I cannot say all but yes definitely some) to make money from markets the hard way i.e. loosing my hard earned money and then going out to learn things. I don’t want the same thing happen to others because everyone cannot remain in market after making the kind of losses I made and so I try to educate people on how to go about in the market.

I don’t have an educational finance background but a IT background and this was one of the main reasons me not willing to be an author of a book in equity. I always wanted to be in equity market but more for a personal hobby. As I buried myself into equity market I found that there is too much of crap information and it is very difficult to understand who you should believe and who you should not. The amount of noise in the finance domain leads me to this ebook.

What DIYTechnicalAnalysis Offers to you as an Indian Retail Investor?

Let me answer this question with a scenario. Does the following happen to you often enough

  • You buy stock on the basis of good news or better than expected result and price for the stock keeps falling after you take the long position?
  • On the back of bad news about any company or management you sell off your position or go short in the stock and you see the stock price keeps rising?
  • You are long term investor and have invested in a company based on good performance and result yet you are stuck in a position where you may need to wait for few months to get your capital back?

An answer to any one of the above question above is YES. Correct?

These things happen to every trader and investor in market. Those who know how to play these moves – WIN most of the time. If you don’t know how to play them, you will actually be stuck on the wrong side of the trade i.e. you may be holding long position when either you should be going short in the market or staying away from the stock and vice versa.

Other Books teaches every pattern in the market, DIYTechnicalAnalysis teaches the one that works.

– Shabbir Bhimani

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My Strategy

In my ebook I have not only explained how to read the technicals of the market but have also explained how to play the upcoming news and results to make INDIAN retail investors understand the market sentiments and transforms them from an average trader into a market analyst.

Let me give you some quick examples to help you understand the market sentiments and understand Support and Resistance levels.

Nifty Example

Let us look at the Nifty chart for last 6 months. The chart below is free chart by Yahoo Finance.

Nifty 6 Months Daily Chart – Support & Resistance levels

I have marked few pivot points on the chart. Green arrow (i.e. level of 5600) is where market makes small bounce after a sharp downfall from levels of 6200. Once the level of 5600 is broken, we see how it acts as a very strong resistance level for the market and Nifty reverses from the same 5600 level 4 times.

Now let us look at Nifty chart for slightly longer time frame (Say 1 year) to judge the market trend.

Nifty 1 Year Daily Chart – Understanding Market Trend

We see Nifty is in a down trend. We know the resistance level for Nifty from the 6 months charts. This helps trading in Nifty with lot more conviction along the trend and profit from it. Nothing rocket science but just simple tricks to trade with conviction and profit from it.

Stock Example : Nestle India

After showing support and resistance for Nifty as an example I got many phone calls (Yes you can call me on my mobile phone as well. My Phone number is in top right corner.) asking if my chart patterns work on stocks as well or they work only on indices. So to clarify I am adding one more example to show the same theory in action to one of my favourite stock i.e. Nestle India.

Nestle India 1 Year Daily Chart – Support and Resistance Levels

Like the previous example, here also I have marked few pivot points to understand support and resistance levels for the stock. Nestle India bounces twice from levels of 3200 clearly suggesting strong support levels and needless to say 4200 acts as a very strong resistance for the stock. The point when 4200 is taken out clearly suggesting break out pattern. Perfect for getting into the stock.

The Forum

When it comes to other books in the market, it is very difficult to communicate with the author but I am always available in private members forum area to discuss opportunities and trades. Members spot opportunities and ask my views as well as other members views on it.

When I see formation of perfect trading pattern, I share it in the private forum area. (I keep this to minimum because the whole idea is to be able to make my members do it themselves.)

The final question – Is this solution right for me?

The ebook is written in very simple and easy to understand language and is for investors and traders who are willing to learn to trade in the market by

  1. Understanding Support and Resistance.
  2. Understand market sentiments.
  3. Predict Market Trend.
  4. Understand Basic Technical Indicators Like SMA, EMA …
  5. Apply Advance Technical Indicators Like Volume patterns, Bollinger Bands …
  6. Buying & shorting strategies that always works.

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If you act now, you get

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  4. Life time free upgrades – It means as I update the book in the future you get the new copy of it delivered in your inbox absolutely free.
  5. Money back guarantee – Nothing too loose. If you don’t like the book you can ask for a refund and yet keep a copy of the book.

Customers Feedback About the eBook and Forum

Here are some of the feedback that customers have left in forums for you to read. The feedback are in reverse chronological order.

Final Thoughts

If you really want to make money from market you have to take control of your investments and not remain dependent on your brokers stock tips or any other stock tips services. There is no one on this planet who can make money for you It does not work that way and I am sure you also know in the back of your mind that it is bound not to work that way. Understand support and resistance levels for any stock and you can take a position in the market at the right time and at the right price to make maximum profit from it.

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If you have any questions you can always get in touch with me.

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